Terms and Conditions

Important! Please carefully read through these terms and conditions.

Thank you for choosing EngiClean to perform your vehicle service. Your booking has been confirmed, however before we perform your service it is your responsibility to read carefully through our terms and conditions to ensure that you are happy to proceed. If you fail to read this document, we cannot be held responsible.

EngiClean Official Terms & Conditions:

  1. We will agree a time and date by phone that suits both you and the Engineer to perform your service. You must ensure that you and your vehicle are available at the time agreed by both parties. Failure to do so could result in the service not being able to go ahead. However, please note you may still incur a charge for this service.
  2. You must ensure that your vehicle is in a safe position for one of our Engineers to perform the service. There must be no health and safety concerns within the location. The preferred location is a driveway or a car park.
  3. If there are any pre-existing issues with your vehicle, we must be made fully aware in writing. We will then decide if we should still perform the service or if you need mechanical advise beforehand.
  4. Please be aware we do not add any chemicals into the engine during a Carbon Clean service and therefore this service should not affect your vehicle manufacturers warranty. However, in the unlikely event of this being the case we will not be held responsible for this.
  5. You agree to be responsible for the full cost of the service detailed in your booking confirmation email. This can be paid via cash or bank transfer.
  6. If your vehicle has a pre-existing issue, we cannot guarantee this service will resolve that. This is purely a preventative maintenance service, which has been proven to improve vehicle performance, fuel economy and vehicle emissions. However, every vehicle can vary in its results.
  7. We reserve the right to change our appointment with you for any reason. However, we will notify you in advance of any changes to the agreed appointment time.
  8. You are happy for us to use your personal information you have provided for marketing and communication purposes. We will ensure that your information is kept safe and that there is no breach of data.
  9. You allow us to take photographs and videos of your vehicle during the process and after we have performed the service.
  10. If you wish to cancel your appointment with us, this must be done 48 hours prior to our agreed appointment. Failure to cancel the appointment within this time may result in a cancellation fee of £25.
  11. We can assure you that all customer complaints are taken very seriously. In the unlikely hood that you have a complaint about your service, you can be assured that we will fully investigate the matter and respond to you within a timely manner.

ECU Remapping Services:

1. We will not be held liable for any emission control bypass software running and in use on the public highway, these vehicles must continue to comply with euro emissions standards.

2. Should you require the vehicle returning back to standard, and the remap removed there will be no refund given for the remap and a service charge of £100 will be incurred to cover time and expenses.

Website:  www.engiclean.co.uk

Email:  info@engiclean.co.uk