EngiClean follow the Working Safely Guidelines. Working with our customers to prevent the COVID-19 spreadWe have adapted to the new ways of working because we want to keep ourselves and our customers safe. Health and Safety is our top priority!During these difficult times, we are the same as you, we need our business to be functioning and performing well and in order to sustain this, we all need to stay stay safe and stay healthy.EngiClean commit to your safety by:• Ensuring our technicians wear face coverings and are following social distancing guidelines.• We are using disposable protective gloves, hand sanitiser and wiping any surfaces we touch with anti-bacterial wipes.• We carry-out regular rapid lateral flow tests to make sure we monitor our well-being and protect our customers.• If you have any COVID19 symptoms, please contact us after your isolation period. We will do the same if we have any symptoms or are isolating.• We have installed the NHS Test and Trace app to our mobile phones and recommend that you install too.