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At EngiClean we provide our customers with a mobile carbon cleaning service and a DPF clean and are delivering this service across Scotland. The solution is a quick turnaround with maximum results, only taking around 30 minutes, using the best technology CC16 PRO Carbon Clean which uses Oxyhydrogen to ”detox” our customers engine. By making the decision to clean the carbon deposits from your engine, you will decrease emissions, increase engine power, lower oil consumption, increase MPG, decrease engine vibrations and restore torque. Last but not least, our customers will prolong their engine life and have instant overall marked improvement and performance.

If you see any of these warning lights on your vehicle dashboard, then please contact us and we will investigate. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE THEM AS OTHERWISE DAMAGE COULD BE DONE TO YOUR ENGINE

DPF cleaning

Improve performance with EngiClean

Our Carbon Clean “detoxes” your engine with Oxyhydrogen, cleaning carbon deposits, restoring power, decreasing oil consumption and emissions, and increasing MPG. Plus, your car will last longer with our amazing performance enhancements. So why wait? Contact EngiClean today on 07415 – 064969

We offer a full 30-day money back guarantee under the world-renowned Viezu Vehicle Tuning Scheme for your absolute confidence and peace of mind


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DPF filter cleaning in Glasgow
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DPF cleaning in Glasgow
DPF clean in Glasgow

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DPF cleaning in Glasgow

Below is a short video of a van with an extremely smoky exhaust prior to a DPF Clean

dpf cleaning Glasgow


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